Welcome to our new page "Etc.", interesting things and anything that we could find, sowe will share many things with you all in this page. We shall talk and show you soon...short stories to come


Chapter 2 Looking for…“Foithong”
“Foithong” is a very sweet Thai dessert. Thai people all know that we got this dessert from Portugal long time ago. Foithong is in our Thai blood as we all have eaten them since we are small until we grow up. We have three sweet dessert, they are Foithong, Thongyip and Thongyord. We are curious if we could find these desserts in Portugal. ...

Chapter 1 Transformation of Hearts to the Mailbox
Let’s begin with lovely doggy story, whoever have written a letter corresponding back and fourth, but have you ever notice about the form or shape of the mailbox or never pay attention to it and just thinking about the mail itself, however many of them has paid lots of attention to the mailbox so that they even put their heart in to the box ...




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