The Purpose

The purpose of the school project is allow Thai teachers and students to be part of Wan and Mou's journey. They will be able to follow their biking trip around the world; study and learn about countries they travel. Through Internet contact, Wan and Mou will inform everyone about their route; giving up-to-date news about their experience, and giving advise to future world travelers. Teachers and students can follow Wan and Mou's via which will be updated every 2-3 weeks, depending on the availability of Internet network.

Wan and Mou will visit schools in other countries to tell them about their biking trip, and answer any questions teachers and students have for them.


May 9, 2007
Wan and Mou is invited to give a talk to 80 Thai students who is studying Chinese Course at Yuxi Normal University, south of Kunming in Yunnan Province. Wan and Mou get opportunity to meet Thai Artists who has come for showing beautiful paintings of Thai-Chinese Exhibition in Yuxi Normal University.


December 9, 2006
Wan and Mou give a talk to students in Thai language at Yunnan University and tell them about our world experience. The students could speak Thai flulently and tell us that there are 4,000 Chinese people in Yunnan Province who had learned Thai language and could speak Thai fluently. This is quite a good relationship between Thailand and China.


February 2, 2005
Wan and Mou give a talk to 130 students in the library at Laurel Ridge Elementary School ( in Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A. We inspired students to follow their dreams and tell them about our bike trip halfway around the world. We show the photos and Thai Bike World movie on the big screen. | more details


May 7, 2004
Wan and Mou give a talk to students at Sacramento Adventist Academy School ( locate at 5601 Winding Way, Carmichael, California.| more details



October 29, 2003

Wan and Mou give a talk to El Camino Academy (, locate at Apartado Aereo 101241 Bogota10, Colombia S.A. | more details



May 8, 2003

Wan and Mou visit Colegio Union School and meet students during Mother Week in Nana, suburban of Peru. | more details



November 21, 2002

Wan and Mou give a talk to junior high school students at Taradale Intermediate School (government school), has been established for 35 years locate at 6 Murphy Road, Taradale in Napier, New Zealand. | more details



June 20, 2002

Wan and Mou give a talk to 300 students at Rostrevor College which is a private school located on the hill at Glen Stuart Road, Woodforde in Adelaide, South Australia. Restrover College is a very beautiful school with a number of 1,000 students in school. | more details



June 14, 2002

Wan and Mou give a talk to MERCEDES College which is a private school (Catholic College) with 1,000 students of primary & high school, locate at 540 Fullarton Road, Springfield in Adelaide, South Australia. | more details



May 29-30, 2002

Wan and Mou give talk to The Heights Primary & High School and Parafield Gardens Primary School | more details



Feb 23, 2002

Wan and Mou visit S.M.U. 3 School which is a major high school in Malang City on Java Island in Indonesia. Wan and Mou pay respect to Mr. Bapak Drs. Mochamad Saleh, the Principal of S.M.U. 3 School. | more details



Dec 23, 2001

Wan and Mou have an activities with many students from different schools in Hat Yai, Songkhla. We talk about our Thai Bike World project to all students.



Dec 20, 2001

Wan and Mou talk to students and teacher of Thedsabarn Wat Phuphapimuk School about their biking around the world trip.



Dec 18, 2001

Wan and Mou visit students and teachers of Tung Yang Plea School, Phattalung.



December 14, 2001

Wan and Mou meet students at Bann Khao Fai, Amphur Sichon, Nakornsrithammarat. (Mou used to study in this school)



December 14, 2001

Wan and Mou meet students and teachers at Sichon Prachasan High School at Amphur Sichon, Nakornsrithammarat Province. (Mou used to study in this school)



October 30, 2001

Students and teachers of Udomdarunee School wish Wan and mou best wishes for the long journey. Wan and Mou inspire 2,000 students to follow their dreams and talk about Thai Bike World project. Students asked many good questions.



School Net Thailand support ThaiBikeWorld Projectm by inviting members for more than 200 schools to follow the journey



May 27, 2001
Wan and Mou visit students and teachers at Udomdarunee School in Sukhothai Province. We gave speech on our Thai Bike World Project and invites all teachers and students to follow our journey on biking around the world trip. Udomdarunee School is a high school which Wan used to study for 5 years.

Wan and Mou met Directors of Udomdarunee School and plans for school activities.


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