Female Date of birth: Sep 20, 1970

I love cycling! I used to cycle to school everyday, for five years, in Sukhothai. I was an A.F.S. Exchange Student, and got a scholarship to study in Chilton High School in Wisconsin, U.S.A. for a year in Grade 12. I met students from more than 30 countries and had valuable experience with them. We exchanged ideas and learned much about each other's country.

I have dreamed about travelling around the world for years. I traveled to Korea, U.S.A., Canada, China, and have yearned to visit other countries around the world. I would like to discover and understand the people around the world; to see how they live, what they eat, what are their cultures. I would like to befriend them. This was my biggest dream and goal.

One day, Mou and I joined the Sanamluang project in helping promote the fight against drug abuse. We met Mr. Sabastien and his girlfriend who had cycled from Netherland to Bangkok for the second time. He related to us his experience in cycling the countries he traversed. We asked him which country he liked cycling through the most. His answer was, "Laos". We were surprised to hear that. I suppose we did not expect and appreciate Laos to be the place of great adventure because it was so near to us. We thought that a country far away would be more exotic to cycle through.

After speaking to Mr. Sabastiean, Mou and I decided to make Laos our first try in cycling long distance. That would be the experimental ground to test our abilities, endurance and enthusiasm for world travel. So we set out to Laos as planned. We found our trip to be extremely adventurous, exciting and enjoyable. The children we met along the way were the hightlights of our trip. They would run after us and great us with, "Sabai-dee!" (This is like saying "Hi" in their language.)

I am now ready to cycle around the world. I have experienced cycling different terrains. I have done long uphills and downhills, rough roads, forests, and mountains. I have also cycled through poor weather conditions.

Loas was good training ground for Mou and me. We often had to carry our bicycles as the hills were too long and steep. Once we encountered a hill that was 20 kilometers long. Fortunately, I'm blessed with good health and am physically fit enough to perform such tasks. My wish and passion is to bicycle around the world, at least once in my lifetime. I will do everything I can to accomplish it. I will be very happy and proud if I can fulfill my mission, and serve my country the same time.

Mou and I are good traveling partners. We have cycled many places together. We are complementary to each other, and are able to support each other's strengths and weaknesses. We are also able to compromise our differences to achieve our goals.



Male Date of birth: Nov. 3, 1971

Hello, my name is Charoen Othong. My nickname is Mou. My dream is to become travel writer. Whenever I have holidays, I travel. I find peace in traveling to remote places. For nine years, I have backpacked and traveled to rural areas and villages of Thailand, and have befriended many villagers and travelers along the way.

I love nature. This is probably because I grew up in a village, where mountains, rivers and sea surround it. In Thailand, those of us in love with nature are said to be infected with, "Green Heart". I certainly have one.

Three years ago, a friend of mine introduced me mountain biking. Since that day, I have been riding to and from work everyday. Not only did I use my bicycle for transportation, but as a means for exercise and stress release. I also used it for leisure to travel many places far away.

My travel experience tells me that I will learn a lot cycling around the world. I will enjoy the adventure, discovery and friendship I make. This journey, I believe, will fulfill my other dream of becoming a writer. I promise you, and above all, promise myself, that I will make my dream come true. Not only that, but be successful at it. So, I say this to myself, "Go for it!"



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