1. Bike around the world
  2. Give the world a better understanding of Thai culture, religion and our King.
  3. Open the eyes of Thais to the rest of the world.
  4. Interact with schools, institutions and organizations.
  5. Promote cycling as an activity or exercise.
  6. Learn custom and culture of other countries.
  7. Encourage and advise Thais about world travel.
  8. Promote conservation.



To Promote Thailand

Wan and Mou will represent the Thais in places of their travel. They will introduce and promote Thailand; its culture, custom, and values so the people they contact will have better understanding of Thailand and her people. Wan and Mou will take with them CDs that show different regions of Thailand, their lifestyles, food, fruits and handcrafts.

Promote Cycling

Wan and Mou will promote cycling as a means of transport. It is not dependent on gasoline, and therefore, not harmful to the environment. Besides being a means of transport, it is a great form of exercise. It is also a means of befriending others with the same interest.

Thai People will adventure with Wan and Mou in their journey

Wan and Mou invite the Thai people to join them in their journey. Ittivity will be a opportunity for Thais to learn about cycling tour, and share Wan and Mou's experiences.

Painting Contest With Little Kids

Wan and Mou will conduct a painting contest for Thai children. The winners will receive souvenir gifts from countries where Wan and Mou are.


Mr. Tom Claytor

Tom is a pilot who fly to seven continents. He is known as a "Bush Pilot". Tom has been travelling for 10 years around the world. Tom is an inspiration to those with dreams of world travel. Tom says, "Passion is always a reason."

Tom is Wan and Mou's mentor and friend. He has supported and helped them with their biking-around-the-world project. He said, "You can do it!" Those words of encouragement got them started in realizing their dreams..


Mr. Amornphat Chomrat

Amornphat Chomrat, is the managing director of Next Step Company Limited. He is the producer of New Explorer (in conjunction with National Geographic) program on TV Channel 5, which is televised free in Thailand.



Mr. Pleethum Triyakasem

Khun Pleethum is the managing director of dinsorCREATIVE Co., Ltd., Internet Consultancy. He is the webmaster for Wan and Mou's web site www.thaibikeworld.com. He has been a big sponsor and supporter Wan and Mou's project. He will keep the web site updated with news of Wan and Mou.


Ms. Naomi Sato

Through their mutual friend Tom Claytor, Naomi Sato, a pediatrician in California (USA), "met" Wan and Mou via email before they started their around-the-world trip. She followed their progress and encouraged and supported them via emails and the website. Naomi met Wan and Mou face-to-face for the first time when they arrived in northern California in May 2004. From then on, they have been great friends. She says that because Wan and Mou work as a team and trust each other, they will be successful.


Mr. Preecha Pimpan

Mr. Precha Pimpan is the first Thai who successfully biked around the world (from Calcutta, India to U.S.A.) 40 years ago. He still holds the record as the only Thai who bicycled around the world. He is now the managing director of Jirasartwittaya School, Ayudhaya Province. His journey was printed in "Preecha: Jakayan Three Continents". Mr. Pimpan advised Wan and Mou on how to get ready, what is needed for the trip, and what they might adventure. He helped them map their route.

The following are some of Khun Preecha's advice:

  1. Be happy when riding
  2. Know how to maintain your bicycle
  3. Know your the bicycle well
  4. Although the bicycle does not need fuel, the biker does. So feed oneself well
  5. Always have food in panniers
  6. Restock before leaving town
  7. Cycling in Africa is quite dangerous as there are not many cyclist
  8. The direction of wind is a key factor to the cyclist; going against high wind will require more energy and slow the cyclist


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